The Law Store provides a comprehensive range of services and expertise, including family law services, wills and trusts, property law, business services, immigration services, wealth protection and criminal. The details of these services are contained on the following pages.


Family Legal Advice Services (FLAS)

If you have issues or questions relating to the care of children, you may qualify for Family Legal Advice Service, or FLAS. This is a free 1 to 2 hour session with one of our lawyers to discuss issues relating to the care of children. Qualification for this service depends on your income. Ask us today about FLAS and whether you might qualify by calling 04 237 5800.

Family Law Services

Personal relationships and the impact of those relationships. 

Click here to read about;

* Partners separating
* Parenting contact, custody and access for children
* Related property issues
* Domestic violence
* Partners forming a new relationship, and related property issues
* Reconstituted relationships issues relating to property and wills
* Guardianship Child Protection Dealing with Childrens and Young Persons Services (CYPS)
Legal aid

Limited Licences

Too many demerit points, that extra glass of wine before you drove home?  You may qualify for a Limited Licence.

If you have lost your licence and you must drive; for example to work, to take the children to school, or to care for a relative; then come and see us.  We can assist you to apply for a Court Order authorising you to obtain a limited drivers licence.  We will draft all the documents for you, file them in Court, and prepare you for the process.

If you have any questions call us on 04 237 5800.

Wills & Trusts

It is never too soon to begin planning for your future. The old adage if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail really holds true.

* Wills
* Trusts for creditor and family claim protection
* Enduring powers of attorney
* Estate administration
* Personal and property administration orders for people who lose capacity

Property Law

Most people, at some time in their lives, will need legal assistance with property matters.

* Buying and selling property
* Personal guarantees
* Ownership issues and family arrangements

Mediation & Conciliation

Conciliation and mediation are two terms used to describe a way of managing and resolving a conflict, with the people concerned themselves finding a workable solution, as an alternative dispute resolution process, rather than resorting to using the court process.

Business & Services

Small and medium businesses are faced with a range of compliance, legal and finance issues which The Law Store can assist with;

* Sale and purchase agreements
Contracts Shareholder agreements
Succession planning
Court litigation
* Damages Law of Tort Legal Aid

Immigration Law

As New Zealand is very much a multi racial society, there will be immigration issues which arise.

* Immigration law
* Litigation
* Reviews and Appeals

Wealth Protection

Wealth protection is important for private clients. The Law Store has professional expertise in this sector which can help you.

* Wills
* Trusts
Taxation related matters

Criminal & Traffic

Limited licences / work licences

Dealing with Police

Dealing NZ Parole Board / Dept of Corrections

Civil Litigation

 The Law Store offers a range of civil litigation services.

      Family Law
      Property Law
      Buying or Selling Property?
      Wills and Trusts
      Enduring Powers of Attorney
      Business Services
      Employment Law
      Immigration Law
      Mediation and Conciliation
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