A will is one of the most important documents you will EVER make - so it's best when you do it, you do it right. A will is a legal document that ensures that your assets, property and estate are distributed in accordance to your wishes after you have passed. It dictates who is to receive your property at your death and appoints a legal representative to carry out your wishes as stated in your will. Without a valid legally enforceable will, a court may decide how and to whom your assets will be distributed. Thus, if you want protection of you and your loved one's interests, create a will.


Don't do it yourself. Strict guidelines are set for the making and execution of a will and if not adhered to, a court may deem it invalid. Therefore, it is in your best interests that you receive professional legal advice when creating a will. 


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Protect your children. Protect your family.

Be confident that that your assets will be left to those who are important to you. A family trust can ensure that your children, not their partners retain their inheritances. Family trusts can also provide for special family needs, such as a child with a disability or even protect your assets in a relationship situation and/or where a relationship breaks down.

Further protections that a trust can provide include protection of the family home and assets from creditors and risks posed by business ventures, prevention of claims on your estate when you die (family protection and testamentary promise claims). However, these are just a few of the popular reasons why New Zealander's form Family Trusts.


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