Why Us?

Here are six good reasons why The Law Store is such a successful law practice. These are our points of difference - the facts which set us apart from other legal practices;

1. We provide a one stop shop law practice, with expertise and experience in a wide range of legal disciplines and services. Our team of three lawyers enables us to promptly respond to clients.

2. We have an empathy and a concern for people. We are approachable and friendly. We like to make sure clients understand all the information which is relevant to their case, and we go out of our way to ensure they are familiar with the process, and the likely consequences.

3. We are flexible. Where clients are unable to come to our office in Porirua, our lawyers can meet at a time and place that suits the client to give legal advice, and process necessary documents, on a case by case basis.

4. We offer simple and pragmatic advice. We accept many clients will not understand the legal process, nor may they necessarily be familiar with the likely outcomes. We go out of our way to make sure they understand.

5. Some clients who come to us do not have English as their first language. We have a multi-cultural staff mix who can identify with our clients and often provide advice for them in their own language including Samoan.

6. We focus on achieving resolution of disputes, preferably by negotiation and mediation, in the first instance. If that is not possible, then we support our clients through the Court process to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome.

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